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Woman receiving a hot stone massage

Treat yourself to a luxurious massage experience that provides healing with trusted practice and modern innovation. LA Stone Therapy is a multifaceted technique that uses stones of varying temperatures and can be integrated into any modality.

Benefits of LA Stone Therapy

Unique healing from a trusted therapist

- Reduces stress

- Relieves pain

- Increases energy

- Enhances the quality of sleep

- Improves lymph circulation

For nearly 20 years therapists have used LA Stone Therapy to provide a one of a kind healing experience that re-energizes the body.


Visit a licensed massage therapist to take advantage of this elegant massage and its therapeutic properties.

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LaStone Therapy is a multifaceted technique designed through nearly 2 decades of experience to benefit both client and therapist. LaStone Therapy is a focus on the use of stone of varying temperature integrated into almost every modality of massage therapy. The therapeutic potential of a LaStone Therapy treatment goes beyond measure.


With LaStone, the stones are the medium and the varying temperatures are the massage. LaStone Therapy administers multi-level relief with unerring elegance, creating therapeutically healing and reenergizing responses in the body.

LaStone® Therapy is internationally recognized as being at the forefront of stone therapy. With the LaStone® Certification Program therapists with advanced training are recognized. The LaStone® Certification Program is designed to enhance, improve and expand each therapists working relationship with the stones, sacred energy work and the science behind geo-thermo-therapy as they relate to LaStone® Therapy theories and principles.

LaStone® Certification Program