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Pregnant woman receiving a mild massage from therapist

Your pregnancy is a time of great change in your body. These changes can put stress on your body that cause pain, discomfort, fatigue and increased mental and emotional stress.  You can safely reduce these effects by enjoying a safe, relaxing massage.

Benefits of pregnancy massage

Massage is safe for mom and baby

- Relieves pain

- Enhances the quality of sleep

- Decreases stress

- Stimulates the relief of endorphins for pain relief and mood improvement

- Relieves anxiety and depression

When you choose to treat yourself to a relaxing pregnancy massage, you can enjoy your massage worry-free. Massage is a safe and beneficial experience for mom and baby.


A licensed massage therapist is prepared to tend to your needs and make your massage a safe experience that will put you at ease.

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Your pregnancy doesn't have to be uncomfortable

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